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Chocalata' Coffee & Wine


About Chocalata' Coffee & Wine

Chocalata’ Coffee & Wine is one of the finest caterers in Dallas. Thanks to this impressive trailer, people across the city are treated to intoxicatingly tasty moonshine cakes, liquor popsicles, and locally made wine. Of course then the perfect pick-me-up to counter your boozy buzz is a delicious cup of freshly-brewed coffee. But wait, that’s not all. Chocalata’ Coffee & Wine can satisfy your cravings for savory appetizers, entrees, and sides as well. They’re open to all sorts of requests, so just said the word and they’ll take care of the rest. Weddings, birthday parties, corporate events...Chocalata’ Coffee & Wine will make any occasion the talk of the town.

Coffee - roasted beans, steaming hot brews, lotta flavor, lotta comfort
Wine Pops - a whole other kind of grape flavored frozen treat, and when your inner-kid is just as excited as your outer-adult, what a special experience indeed



Wine & BeerNothing like a nice glass of wine of a cold beer at your event.\n
Hot DrinksFull Menu \nEspresso\nCappuccino\nPour over Coffee\nGourmet Hot Teas \nGourmet Hot Chocolate \nChai Tea \n
Cold DrinksVanilla Frappuccino\nMocha Frappuccino\nCarmel Frappuccino\nCoffee Soda Float\nMochaccino \nIced Carmel Macchiato\nIced Americano\nIced Vanilla Latte\nIced Mocha Latte\nFresh squeezed Lemonade\nIce tea \nIce Chi tea\n

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