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Cinco Taco Truck

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About Cinco Taco Truck

Cinco Tacos has long been one of Dallas' go-to spots for Mexican you can plan your entire day around - it's gourmet goods in any language, for all tongues. Authenticity is the name of their game, and they're not playing around - owned by hands that have handled restaurants in Mexico for over 25 years.

Now those hands are pushing Cinco Tacos' goods even further, with a food truck loaded up to spread authenticity to Texas near and far. They've simplified the menu to offer Cinco Tacos' very best: their tacos. From breakfast tacos featuring traditional meats alongside scrambled eggs and cheese to tacos of the shrimp, carnitas, fajitas and al pastor variety, if you're craving some primo tacos, you'll find 'em here. To get a whiff for yourself, book the truck for your next big event (or small, who are we to dictate), and taste the difference for yourself. There's no craving they can't satisfy, and no party they can't turn into a fiesta. Authentically, of course.

The Rib Eye Taco - a higher class beef taco comes with thinly sliced rib eye, griddled to perfection, with toasted cheese, refried beans and Cinco Tacos' very own homemade guacamole


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