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Cool Breeze Tropical Shaved Ice

Cool Breeze Tropical Shaved Ice

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About Cool Breeze Tropical Shaved Ice

Dallas-Ft Worth gets hot in the summer. Maybe this is new information for you. Probably it's not. But new or old info, it doesn't fix the problem that...well....you're hot. But what does fix the problem is Cool Breeze, which spins the freshest shaved ice in the area and flavors it eight ways from Sunday, giving you a full range of tastes that hit your tongue all over and send that heat scrambling back to where it came from. Cool Breeze is also available for private events, so give 'em a call to beat the heat with all your friends in tow. Eventually, the Texas heat will be back. But thankfully, so will Cool Breeze.



Cool Breeze MixerWatermelon, Strawberry, Coconut ,Banana, Cotton Candy
Tropical Shaved Ice32 flavors of tropical shaved ice
Cool Breeze BlizzardCool Breeze has the fluffiest shaved ice with the best flavors in the area

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