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Crazy Burger

Crazy Burger

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About Crazy Burger

Crazy Burger is serving up some insanely flavorful food on the streets of Fort Worth!

Crowds flock to this crazy truck just for a taste of these delicious burger creations; hearty half-pound beef patties grilled to juicy perfection and topped with the finest quality ingredients. From the signature Crazy Burger with homemade guacamole, bacon, and double cheese, to the Portobello Burger with roasted bell peppers, spinach, feta cheese, and basil pesto...you are sure to crave everything on the menu to the point of stark raving madness!

Come by and grab a tasty bite at this exciting indigo truck, because you would be absolutely crazy not to!



Crazy Burger90/10 beef patty with homemade guacamole, bacon, double cheese, greens, tomato and a grilled jalapeno on the side.
Portobella BurgerWhole, grilled portobella mushroom with roasted bell peppers, spinach, feta cheese and basil pesto on a burger bun (Veg)
Crispy Chicken strips with barbecue sauceChicken strips, breaded and fried until crispy
Hawaiian Burger90/10 beef patty with a grilled pineapple, jalapeños, ham, mozzarella cheese, mix greens and tomatos.
Bacon Cheese Burger90/10 beef patty with bacon, double cheese, lettuce and tomatoes on a fresh baked bun
Grilled Chicken SandwichGrilled chicken breast, provolone cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomatoes.

French Fries Seasoned crispy french fries
Seasoned Sweet potato friesCrispy seasoned sweet potato fries

Public Schedule

We could not find any public events for Crazy Burger.