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DFW Ice Cream

DFW Ice Cream

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About DFW Ice Cream

Hear that jingle? It’s the ice cream truck. Specifically, DFW Ice Cream. This company is sending out an army of trucks and carts across the Dallas, TX area, bringing events a hefty dose of joy. Young or old, we all get a little giddy in the presence of good old-fashioned sweet treats.

These massive trucks can hold anywhere from 50 to 3,000 snacks, stocked with all your prepackaged favorites from days of yore. Whether you’re a creamsicle connoisseur or have a passion for popsicles, you’re covered here. Plus, kiddies will love the novelty ice cream bars shaped like all their favorite cartoon characters. Really, there’s something for everyone here, so don’t hesitate to book with DFW Ice Cream for your next event. It’ll be a crowd-pleasing vendor that’ll leave all your guests feeling giddy.



Chocolate Eclaire
Vanilla Bar Dipped in Chocolate
Vanilla Crunch
Fudge Bar
Classic 50-50
Ninja Turtle
Tweety Bird
Ice Cream Cone
Big Neo Sandwich
Big Vanilla Sandwich
Strawberry Shortcake
Popsicles and Lactose Free OptionsChoose a variety of options

Public Schedule

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