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Eat Jo Dawgs

Hot Dogs
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Just dawgEjd Plan all-beef hot dog
Smokin DawgEJD All-beef hot dog \n EJD BBQ Sauce,diced white onion,apple wood smoked bacon
Road DawgEJD All-Beef hot dog\nEJD chili,bbq fritos,Diced white onions,cheddar cheese
Hog Dawg (HAWG DAWG)EJD All-Beef hot dog\nApple wood smoked bacon,EJD BBQ pulled pork ,EJD BBQ sauce,pickle
All The Way Home Dawg EJD All-Beef hot dog \nwhat ever we want to put on it
Swiss DawgEJD All-Beef hot dog\nsauerkraut,sauteed onions,mushrooms, swiss cheese
Atomic Road DawgEJD All-Beef Hot dawg\nEJD Spicy chili,cheddar cheese,diced white onion,Red not fritos,EJD Vapor sauce (hot sauce)
Atomic DawgEJD ALL-Beef hot dog\nEJD spicy chili,hot mustard,jalapenos,EJD Vapor Ssuce\n\n
Dawg on BleuEJD All-Beef hot dog\nLettuce,tomato,bacon,bleu cheese sauce,bleu cheese crumbles
Natural DisasterEJD All Beef hot dog\nDeep fried bacon wrapped dawg,chili,jalapeno relish,onion rings,coleslaw,tomato
Five cheese DawgEJD All-beef hot dog\nCheddar cheese,smoked gouda,mozzarella,havarti,gruyere
Maui WowiEJD ALl-Beef hot dog\nSweet & sour sauce,grilled pineapples,diced red oinion

EJD Red Skin Potato saladRed skin dill potato salad
EJD CloeslawEJD Cloeslaw(mayo based)
EJD seasoned french friesshoe string fries\nWith EJD Seasoning \n
Chili cheese friesEJD seasoned french fries,Ejd chili,cheese diced white onions,
Beer Battered onion ringsEJD Beer Battered onion rings

Q’s NANA PUDDING Eat jo dawgs sweet creamy custard style Banana pudding.
*This may not be the latest menu. Prices may vary.