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In 2014, Chris Covelli had a brilliant idea to harness America’s love of all things French fry. Take Amsterdam’s french fry cafes, combine them with Canadian poutine, and roll around the streets in a food truck pedaling this decadent fare to residents across Dallas, TX. He approached his friend Garrett Green with the idea and the pair decided to go into business together. With that, #getfried was born. The duo have been dishing out hashtag-worthy fare ever since.

Every dish on the menu starts with a bed of warm, fresh, golden brown fries. Then, comes the fun part – the toppings. Chris and Garrett paired ingredients like pros to create a whole menu of drool-worthy flavor combinations. So, what’ll it be? The aromatic masterpiece that is truffle fries smothered in parmesan and cilantro? The tangy Southern Comfort fries covered in pulled pork drenched in a smoky wood-fired barbecue sauce? Or, is your sweet tooth calling? Grab an order of sweet potato fries drizzled in maple syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar. Are you tempted? Of course you are. Who wouldn’t be? Either get out to #getfried and try the eats or book ‘em for your next event. Either way, you won’t regret it.

716 - Fries topped off in a spicy, savory blend of shredded chicken, buffalo sauce, and blue cheese.


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