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Goombas Food Truck is bringing all the heartiness of Italian fare to a place that could really use some more heart: Dallas, TX. And by heartiness, we don't just mean the robust flavor in their food. No, this food truck specializes in the heartiness of a homecooked meal, from recipes that come from generations past, connecting over the shared love of food and love of family. Because nothing brings people together quite like good food made from the heart.

And at Goombas Food Truck, that's just the type of food you're getting. Everything's made from scratch using only the freshest quality ingredients, adding to that homestyle goodness. Originally from Chicago, this family used to have meatball rolling parties before sharing their food with others, loving the effect this food filled with love could have on them. From penne with authentic marinara sauce and a plethora of sandwiches featuring authentic Italian beef and Italian sausage, sink your teeth into a menu crafted especially for foodies. Because a foodie's love for food is unsurpassed by any other kind of love, so good thing this truck's serving up love in every meal. So why wait? Spread the love and find Goombas Food Truck on the streets of Little Elm, Dallas and beyond. If it's heartiness you want, it's heartiness you're gonna get. That's something to love.

Authentic Vienna Beef Chicago Style Hotdog - combining the love for the windy city with an Italian flare, they're serving up a Vienna Beef frank stuffed into a steamed poppy seed bun, topped with that famed neon green relish, tomato wedges, sport peppers and a cucumber spear with a dash of celery salt



BruschettaA traditional topping of roma tomatoes, fresh basil and extra-virgin olive oil. Served with freshly toasted ciabatta bread.
Italian NachosTortilla chips, smothered in aged white cheddar queso, topped with spicy Italian sausage crumbles, hot giardinerra, (chopped jalapeno's, celery, and carrots) and fresh roma tomato.

Italian TacoWe start with a fresh flour tortilla and fill it with spicy Italian sausage crumbles and top it with ricotta cheese, our homemade marinara sauce, and finish it with an blend of Italian cheese.
Vienna Italian Beef Sandwich
Mama Benedetto's Meatball SlidersEvery meatball is hand rolled and slow cooked in our homemade marinara sauce.
Authentic Vienna Beef Chicago Style HotdogWe start with a Vienna Beef natural cased, hickory smoked frank nestled into a steamed poppy seed bun with neon green relish, tomato wedges, a pickle spear, sport peppers, and a dash of celery salt. Oh, Yes!!! Don't mess with perfection.
Jimmy's Spicy Italian SausageItalian sausage slow cooked just waiting to be stuffed into a warm Italian roll with roasted peppers and onions.
Combo Italian Beef & SausageCan't decide if you want beef or sausage? Don't sweat it. We will give you the best of both work and combine the two. Delicious!!!
BBQ Brisket SlidersTender shredded smoked brisket with our special BBQ sauce served on a slider roll.
Penne PastaPenne Pasta served with our homemade marinara sauce. Add a meatball or Italian sausage for an additional fee.

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