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About Grub Tub

When you think of great food in Dallas, think Grub Tub. No really. Grub Tub is a food truck, or should we say food bus, that's serving up some seriously good grub on the streets of the lone star state, keeping with Texan tradition in offering a menu that's bigger and better than the rest.

Just what's cooking in the Grub Tub? Good grub. Bet you didn't see that one coming. All kidding aside, the Grub Tub has some unique sandwiches, stews, chilis and southern style sides on an eclectic menu built to satisfy. Choose from their savory roast beef, pork loin, or meatball sandwich, and you're getting it two ways: wettened or completely dunked in their signature Grub Tub Broth. But that's not all. With a specialty selection of grilled cheese, chili, and refreshing sides including cucumber dill and onion salad, they're ensuring a palate pleasing experience for all. Oh, and did we mention their homemade s'mores with your choice of fresh baked cookie, grub tub marshmallow and premium chocolate including cadbury and ghirardelli? See, the Grub Tub knows just how to treat foodies right, so why are you still reading this? Head on out to the streets of Dallas to see just what we mean, and treat yo'self. You deserve it.

Bubble Tea - their specialty Grub Tub brewed green tea mixture is available in a rainbow of flavors with a selection of specially crafted bubbles to add another layer of delicious to this already sweet drink



Roast Beef SandwichTender roast beef in grub tub broth, served wet or sopping (dunked in a tub)
Pork Loin SandwichSlow cooked pork loin roasted and held in grub tub broth, served wet or sopping (dunked in a tub)
Now That's An Italian SandwichSignature meatballs smothered in grub tub sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese, with the optional substitute of italian sausage
Coney Bologna1/4 lb fried bologna topped with grub tub chili, onions, cheddar cheese and fritos
CubanettoRoasted pork loin, ham, and swiss cheese garnished with a ranch green olive spread
Classic Grilled CheeseColby cheese melted on big ol' Texas toast, substitute american cheese if so desired
Pork Belly Grilled CheeseThe classic grilled cheese stuffed with smoked pork belly sauteed in peach pecan bbq sauce
Lets Talk TurkeyA jumbo turkey leg roasted to perfection
Pork Belly StewTender pork belly, red potatoes, white hominy, black beans, picante and fresh cilantro simmered in grub tub broth, served with a dollop of grub tub souther polenta and topped with jack cheese
Grub Tub ChiliA house specialty made with mashed black bean topped with cheddar cheese and fresh onions, with the option to spice it up with fresh diced jalapenos

Southern PolentaSpecialty blue grits made with grub tub broth, butter and cream
Fiesta SlawColeslaw spiced up with fresh diced jalapenos
Cucumber Dill And Onion SaladFreshly sliced cucumbers and diced onions are complemented with dill and a light white wine vinegar dressing
Frito Chili PieGrub tub chili, cheddar cheese and onions loaded into a bag of fritos
ChipsCrispy potato-y goodness in a bag

Traditional S'MoreGraham cracker squares loaded up with grub tub marshmallow and a hershey milk chocolate bar
Build Your Own S'MoreChoose your cookie and chocolate, made sweeter with the addition of a signature grub tub marshmallow
Fat ElvisChocolate cake donut stuffed with a grub tub marshmallow, banana and a reese's peanut butter cup
Banana FosterCinnamon sugar donut stuffed with grub tub marshmallow, banana, brown sugar and cadbury caramel

Bubble TeaGrub tub brewed green tea mixture with your choice of flavor and bubble

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