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J Wok Kitchen

J Wok Kitchen

Asian Fusion|Filipino|Japanese|Korean
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About J Wok Kitchen

We are J Wok Kitchen a Asian Fusion Food Truck.
We serve mixed Asian food like Korean Sweet and Spicy Chicken, Filipino Grilled or Crispy Pork Belly, Teriyaki Chicken, Japanese Tonkatsu to Beef Bulgogi. We try to bring a taste of Asia in our truck and that makes us different from the usual Tacos, Burgers and BBQ truck.



Chicken KatsuFried chicken breast breaded with panko and served with Katsu Sauce
Sweet and Spicy ChickenKorean fried chicken toss in sweet and spicy sauce with Gochujang
Teriyaki ChickenChicken breast marinated in Teriyaki sauce
Crispy Pork BellyA Filipino favorite. Thich cut pork belly, deep fried till golden brown but still moist on the inside
Grilled Pork BellyThick cut pork belly marinated in Filipino BBQ sauce and grilled to perfection
Shrimp TempuraPork Cutlet, breaded with panko and served with Katsu sauce
Beef BulgogiThin Slice Round Eye Steak marinated in a Korean mixture

Spring Roll (Veggie Egg Roll)
RiceA choice between White Steam Rice and Egg Fried Rice
Sesame SaladShredded Cabbage served with Sesame Dressing

Public Schedule

We could not find any public events for J Wok Kitchen.