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Kona Ice of Plano

Kona Ice of Plano

Frozen Treats|Shaved Ice

About Kona Ice of Plano

Kona Ice of Plano brings more than refreshment wherever it drives: it provides a twenty minute vacation. Every KEV (Kona Entertainment Vehicle, naturally) comes ready, not just to make your day better, but to help you make your own day better - the Flavorwave on the side of the truck allows you to custom-blend flavors til each shaved ice becomes your own unmistakable creation.

Staffed by the friendliest guides around, it's an experience that'll lift spirits for any occasion you have planned. And this ice isn't just delicious, it can even be nutritious - ices are available in alterations like vita-blend (with less sugar and more nutrients) or simply sugar-free altogether. To book a party your friends can indulge in without the guilt, hit up Kona and watch the flavors themselves do all the work! Dallas is in for a treat, a frozen delicious one at that.


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