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Korean Cup Bowl Steak

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About Korean Cup Bowl Steak

Korean Cup Bowl Steak is keeping things fresh and flavorful on the Dallas, TX streets. This big, bold, and beautiful truck is run by a crew that has worked in the finest Korean restaurants for years. They’ve mastered every authentic recipe and have everything it takes to provide an excellent street food experience.

In fact, they’re even taking Korean favorites up a notch by offering a fusion-full menu that invites you to build your own creation. First, choose whether you’d like a tortilla or a Belgian waffle bowl as your base. That’s right. Then top your selection with your choice of grilled shrimp, chicken, or Bulgogi beef, and then top all that with a variety of fresh veggies and sauces. Every ingredient is sourced and crafted with care, guaranteeing the perfect bite each time. Korean Cup Bowl Steak is so confident that you’ll love the food, they even dare you to slap their faces if you don’t. Thankfully violence will never be necessary because this is truly some tasty and satisfying food. You can catch Korean Cup Bowl Steak serving at festivals and events all over town or at a curb near you. If you’d like to make your own event all more exciting and unique, you gotta book Korean Cup Bowl Steak Soon and get your waffle on with your friends!

Bulgogi - Korean-style marinated beef, grilled to tender perfection- goes beautifully in every base or in the form of a juicy burger.



Waffle bowl or tortillas Waffle bowl or tortillas you can choice meat beef,shrimp or chicken.\n
bulgogibugerbulgogi(korean famous beef) with vegetables.\n

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