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Mix Cravings

Mix Cravings

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About Mix Cravings

The Mix Cravings trailer is brought to you by a magnificently passionate family on a mission to share an authentic taste of their Jamaican-American home kitchen with the people of DFW!

Inspired by their talented matriarch’s traditional recipes and her love of crafting incredibly delicious food, they offer a selection of Naughty and Nice dishes, including Jerk Caribbean Chicken Tacos, Bacon Fried Chicken Wraps, Short Rib Sandwiches, savory Veggie Bowls, robust Salads, and so much more.

If you wish to treat your guests at your next event to a taste of “Love, Peace, and Good Eats”, be sure to invite the marvelous Mix Cravings family and make your party even extra memorable!



Spicy Jerk burgerGround beef patty on a bun with Jerk sauce bacon grilled pineapple onions and bell peppers and pepper jack cheese
Caribbean Jerk tacos Flour or corn tortillas with chopped jerk chicken breast, mango salsa sour cream mix cravings spread and shredded lettuce
Skooby Fries A bed of crispy French fries with shredded cheese, chopped jerk chicken breast mix cravings spread sour cream, chopped jalapeños, and green onions
Naughty Menu

Cuban sandwhichBrioche Hoagie swiss cheese pork shoulder Dijon mustard pickles and Mix Cravings spread
Fried stuffed MeatballGround Beef stuffed with Mozzarella Cheese breaded with Panko and deep fried
Bonnies steak SandwhichBrioche Hoagie ribeye steak grilled onions grilled mushroom and a jus dipping sauce
Short Rib SandwhichSour dough bun swiss cheese onions bell peppers and barbeque sauce
Brisket SlidersOnion Brioche bun Smoked Brisket Apple slaw Barbeque sauce
Bacon Fried Chicken Sandwhich or WrapBrioche Bun Bacon lettuce tomato Mix Cravings spread
PastelonSweet Plantains and ground beef
Chicken AlfredoRigatoni Noodles with homemade Alfredo sauce
Jerk burgerA quarter pound patty with Jerk sauce bacon grilled pineapple pepper jack cheese

French Fries
Barbeque Baked Beans with ground Beef
Mac and Cheese
Jamaican Rice
Bacon Apple Slaw
Fresh Steamed Vegetables
Gourmet Menu

Maryland Crab Cakes
Spoon Dumplings
Scallops wrapped in prosciutto
Green SaladTomatoes blue cheese grape tomatoes and walnuts
Cajun Shrimp and Grits
Lobster Avocado lemon Rolls
Nice Menu

Caribbean Shrimp WrapFlour Tortilla Mix Cravings Spread Mango Salsa lettuce Cucumbers Tomatoes
Jerk Chicken TacosFlour Tortilla Grilled jerk chicken Pineapple salsa lettuce shredded cheese Mix Cravings Spread Sour Cream
Jerk Chicken WingsWhole Wing with jerk sauce
Veggie Sub SandwhichBrioche Hoagie Squash Onions green yellow and red Bell Peppers and Mushrooms cooked in low sodium soy sauce
Grilled Chicken WrapFlour Tortilla Mix Cravings Spread tomatoes and Lettuce
Veggie BowlBrown Rice Onions Bell Peppers Black Beans Mushrooms
Curry Chicken Cucumber SandwhichCucumber Curry Chicken
Surf and Turf Lettuce WrapFresh Tuna Turkey Sausage Jamaican Sauce Fried corn Tortillas Broccoli Sprouts lettuce
Caribbean Grilled Chicken Chopped SaladChopped Salad Grilled Chicken pineapples lettuce tomato cucumbers onions and fried tortillas
Apple Bacon Avocado Salad with spinach Leaves

Public Schedule

We could not find any public events for Mix Cravings.