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Monster Yogurt

Monster Yogurt

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About Monster Yogurt

Named because it’s scary good, Monster Yogurt is bringing a bounty of frozen goodies to events across Dallas, TX. They’ll bring a full service fro-yo bar straight to your event, offering loads of premium flavors plus over 50 toppings. Such a massive menu means endless opportunities for mixing and matching, allowing attendees to hand-craft their own personal masterpieces.

Start off with a base of velvety fro-yo in flavors ranging from classic chocolate or vanilla to options like cake batter and cookies and cream. From there, pile on the toppings. From frosted animal crackers to gummy worms to granola, the phrase “something for everyone” is not hyperbolic here. Finish it all off by drizzling on some saccharine sauce and enjoy. Sound good to you? Of course it does, so book Monster Yogurt for your next event. 



75Monster Yogurt
$5 a serving

Public Schedule

Monday, September 25
Tuesday, September 26
Wednesday, September 27
Thursday, September 28
Friday, September 29
Saturday, September 30
Sunday, October 1
Monday, October 2
12:00 PM to 12:30 PM 30 Minute Meeting with Rebekah C. Kee