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OMG Mr Munchies Jr

OMG Mr Munchies Jr

Comfort Food|Dessert|Fried Chicken|Tacos|Wings
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About OMG Mr Munchies Jr

OMG Mr Munchies Jr. is the kid brother to the infamous OMG Mr Munchies-mobile, a food truck that amplifies the original offerings ten fold. It's because of the first's success that a second was even possible, and really, we're more than thankful for it.

Hopefully you're reading this in Dallas, TX. If not, get there. OMG Mr Munchies Jr. knows just how to cure a case of the munchies, featuring made to order meals that are as mouthwatering as they are fulfilling. Got a big appetite? Indulge in their big ol' Philly cheesesteak, featuring thinly sliced steak, sauteed peppers and onions and oh so much cheese on a hoagie roll. Craving some fried goodies? Treat yourself to OMG Mr Munchies Jr.'s chicken tender baskets, featuring a piping hot bed of french fries and strips fried to golden brown perfection. But that's not all. OMG Mr Munchies Jr. knows that in order to wrap up your savory meal, you'll need a sweet treat. Thankfully, they've got the sweetest of funnel cakes and snow cones on board, too. So why wait? Find OMG Mr Munchies Jr. in Dallas, or have 'em out to cater your next event. They're sticking to Texan tradition: everything is bigger and better here.

Chicken Basket - it's the staple on the menu, and well worth ordering. Get four crispy chicken tenders with a heaping of fries, served with a slice of toast on the side


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