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About Phil's Steaks Dallas

Phil's Steaks is giving Dallas, TX authentic cheesesteaks on the go. It's a food truck, but they call it a 'jawn': a fun term that's more of a Philly slang, upgrading the standard to something better.

That same betterment process applies to their cheesesteaks, too. At Phil's Steaks, they're using only the highest quality ingredients in each and every hearty hoagie, a surefire way to curb your hunger on the curb. Each and every cheesesteak starts with an Amoroso roll loaded with thinly shaved steak, and from there, it's no telling what you'll find inside; Phil's Steaks' got 'em loaded 'wit whiz', with fried onions and peppers, and even has specialty varieties including the Pizza Steak with marinara. If all this sounds too good to be true, track down Phil's Steaks in Dallas, or better yet, book 'em to cater. Your tastebuds thank you.

Provolone Steak - upgrade your cheesy experience with sharp provolone cheese on that bed of steak, with the option to add hot and sweet peppers



Philly cheesesteakChoose your choice of cheese( provolone, American and cheese Whiz).
Catering.Includes a sandwich + fries + drink.


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