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About Pop Star

Ready to question everything you thought you knew about popsicles? Then head on out to Pop Star. They’re not selling your prepackaged pops from the grocery store. Oh, no. These are hand-crafted goodies made from ingredients sourced right in the Dallas, TX area. If you didn’t think popsicles could be gourmet, think again.

The masterminds behind this dessert trailer make their popsicles in small batches to ensure a fresh taste. The fruit-based pops use zero refined sugars, sweetened only with Mother Nature’s candy, and are also vegan and gluten free. From strawberry lemonade to banana cinnamon, everyone will find their bliss on the menu. In addition to the fruit pops, there’s an array of creamy treats made with whole milk that come in flavors like Madagascar vanilla, chocolate peppermint, and pumpkin spice. Drool-worthy? Absolutely, so don’t hesitate to sample the goodies at Pop Star the next time your sweet tooth calls. Or, do ‘em one better and book ‘em for your next event. You won’t regret it.

Cold Brew Coffee — The perfect blend of bitter and sweet. Great for coffee fanatics.



Gourmet PopsiclesGourmet popsicles made with only all-natural and organic ingredients. Wide variety of seasonal flavors available.
PopsiclesHand-crafted popsicles that come in an array of flavors.

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