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Primetime Eggrolls

Primetime Eggrolls

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About Primetime Eggrolls

The team at Primetime Eggrolls got their start one night when they decided to test the waters by slinging their eponymous rolls at a Dallas, TX pub. These ingenious creations employed Southern comfort foods as fillings, marrying American and Chinese flavors to delicious results. In just two hours, they sold out. That success eventually evolved to a full-fledged food truck.

You’ll find a number of enticing fillings encased in these crispy shells. Early risers can enjoy egg rolls stuffed with eggs, bacon, and sausage. Get there midday and sink your teeth into an egg roll jammed with chicken and dressing or shrimp Alfredo. Toss on a side of baked mac and cheese and enjoy feasting on your epic plate of feel-good fare. If that’s not enough to excite you, maybe this will – Primetime Eggrolls caters, so don’t hesitate to book ‘em for your next event.

Brisket Mac ‘N Cheese Egg Roll — An egg roll stuffed with a savory, cheesy blend of mac ‘n cheese and brisket.



Chicken and Dressing Eggrollchicken,cornbread, onions, bellpeppers, celery
Brisket Mac n Cheese Eggrollbeef brisket and macaroni and cheese
Chicken and Potato Eggrollshredded chicken with potatoes and vegetables
Cheeseburger EggrollBeef with cheese
Loaded Baked Potato EggrollMashed potato with beef brisket
Salmon Fajita Eggrollsalmon with shredded cheese and fajita vegetables
Shrimp Alfredo Eggrollshrimp with spinach and alfredo sauce
Vegan Quinoa EggrollCorn, Quinoa, bellpeppers, veggies
Nacho Taco Eggroll frito with ground beef and cheese

Baked Mac & Cheese

Funnel Cake Eggroll

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