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Rock and Roll Tacos

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Rock-n-nachosBeef or chicken layered in Pinto beans, white melted cheese, pico de gallo, and topped with creme sauce

The Grammy TacosChili verde- slow cooked pork topped with onions, cilantro and crumbles cheese
Chipotle ChickenTopped with pico de gallo and lime poblano
Porky's Street TacosPulled pork slow cooked in secret spices topped with onions, cilantro, and chipotle sauce
Brisket Gold TacosMarinated to perfection, topped with pepper jack cheese and spicy bbq sauce
Killer Fish Tacosspecially seasoned and grilled topped with a house cabbage mixture and lime poblano
Tijuana TacosBacon wrapped shrimp topped with grilled onions and bell peppers and pepper jack cheese and lime cilantro sauce
The Marilyn Tacos (veggie)Zucchinis and mushrooms sautéed with monterey jack cheese with tomatoes and onions topped with fresh spinach and pepper jack cheese
Mac-n-Cheese TacosOur signature quepasta on top of our gringo ground beef taco topped with green onions and bacon
Veggie TostadaFlat taco with fried pinto beans, lettuce, pico de gallo, avocado, and crumbled cheese
L.A. Street TacosTender asada cooked in secret spices topped with onions, cilantro, and tomatillo sauce

Spicy Mac-n-CheeseOur famous blend of cheeses and pasta with a splash of hot to it, the famous kick!
ELOTE ShooterMade with fresh kernel corn, creme, parmesan cheese, a dash of hot sauce, drizzled with lime juice
Pinto Beans
Spanish Rice
*This may not be the latest menu. Prices may vary.