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Rockin Rooster

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About Rockin Rooster

Rockin Rooster is out to rock the roost of food trucks in Dallas. Proudly strutting its stuff, what once was a humble gourmet snow cone truck has exploded in popularity, allowing these foodies to expand a menu full of delicious eats on board.

But first, let's talk about those snow cones. This isn't your average lumpy ice add your own syrup creation. No, Rockin Rooster's snow cones are made from the finest of shaved ice, so fluffy in texture you'll think they collected it from a local ski resort. If Arlington had any ski resorts, that is. Paired with hand crafted syrups, it's a frozen treat that aims to please. But that's not all Rockin Rooster has to offer. They're catering a menu full of comfort classics and bold BBQ favorites. From BBQ brisket on loaded nachos, Mexican street corn and loaded baked potatoes, each packs a flavorful punch to your tastebuds and answers the call of the hungriest foodies around. If this sounds good to you, find Rockin Rooster on the streets of Dallas and beyond, or have 'em cater your next event. Trust us. The Rooster knows flavor is king, and soon, you will bow down to their excellent taste.

Briscos - their signature dish starts with crispy nachos topped with BBQ brisket and crunchy and diced jalapenos topped with their secret recipe sauce



The StandardA hearty brisket or chicken sandwich on our specialty buns on a bed of kettle chips and a pickle on top
BriscosOur signature dish! Traditional Nachos topped with our slow oven cooked BBQ Brisket and a special Sauce, topped with Texas Toothpicks (Crispy onions & jalapenos). You'll want them everyday!\n
Big Baked PotatoA jumbo sized baked potato loaded with butter, cheese and sour cream. Add our slow cooked BBQ brisket to complete your meal.
Keto BowlChoice of our slow oven cooked brisket or chicken without the BBQ sauce, for our Ketogenic eaters

ElotesAuthentic Mexican Street corn with Cojita and Parmesan cheese blend and our special zesty cream sauce. This dish can be changed up by adding our crispy jalapenos.

Canned SodaCarbonated classics in a can
Ozarka Bottled WaterA refreshing drink without all the calories using 100% all natural spring water
Hot CoffeeFresh brewed on the day of your event if requested.

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