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About Soulgood

Soulgood is serving up food that's good for the soul and the body. Let's face it, when we're talking about vegan and vegetarian cuisine, comfort food and taste are usually off the table. But not at Soulgood. As an innovative organic vegan and vegetarian food truck, they took home the coveted 2018 Best Food Truck in Dallas award by the Dallas Observer by sticking to their mission: to save the planet, animals and people one plate at a time.

And it shows. At Soulgood, you'll find all the staples of comfort food handcrafted by the illustrious Chef Cynthia herself. She imagined a better world full of opportunity, seeing alternate possibilities for the fast food industry, her family and other families at large. Thus, the menu consists of innovative plant-based foods, made with integrity using only the freshest quality ingredients, organic and locally sourced. For breakfast, get organic vegan tacos, chocolate pancakes, and even soy sausage and bacon to pair with it. Lunch, you'll find the staples of soul food, including an Italian po'boy sandwich, BBQ burger, and a chili dog. So why wait? Treat your hunger, your penchant for good taste, and your health consciousness all in one fell swoop by visiting Soulgood. Trust us. It really is that good.

Vegan Peach Cobbler Pancake - combining the sweetest and fruitiest dessert with pancakes, get this sweet meal the all natural and healthy way


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