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Spears Grill

Caribbean|Empanadas|Fish, Shrimp, Burger, Tacos, Fries, Plantain|Latin American|Puerto Rican

About Spears Grill

Our concept is Latin Puertorican Street Food. Here you can find some cultural plates that puertorican likes when they are on chinchorreo. 'Chinchorreo' is a word that means puertorican have fun visiting different small spots (Chinchorros) in the same day to get something to eat. That's why our name is Spears Grill 'Pa'l Pinchorreo' because our main item is a Pincho. So here you are going to find well-seasoned food and some new creations like plantain tacos. We also offer a cater menu on trays to pick-up for any event or party with an advance order.  


Public Schedule

We could not find any public events for Spears Grill.