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Sully's Magic Kitchen

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About Sully's Magic Kitchen

Sully's Magic Kitchen is cooking up something magical for the good folks of Dallas, Fort Worth. Really, would you expect anything different? This is Sully's Magic Kitchen we're talking about, and they're putting their unique magical twist on a myriad of familiar forms to tantalize your tastebuds.

At Sully's Magic Kitchen, they're keeping to Texan standards: everything is bigger and better here. Therefore, they've got a big menu full of bigger portions to satisfy the biggest appetites in the big ol' state of Texas. Craving a hearty lasagna? Sully's Magic Kitchen takes it to a whole new level of delicious with a distinct tex mex bend, with layers of corn tortillas, chicken, cheese and jalapenos to give it that extra kick. Pulled pork comes to you in a big ol' sandwich stuffed with gouda cheese, or into a jalapeno that's bacon wrapped, on a stick, with a side of ranch dressing. Oh, and they've got homemade desserts too, including a southern style peach cobbler and a sweet lavender bar. What we're saying is, you've got options, and Sully's Magic Kitchen is available to deliver. Literally. Book 'em to make your next event a magical one. They've got just the stuff.

OMG Grilled Peach Pizza - a pizza that boasts both sweet and savory notes, fresh baked dough is topped with grilled peaches, melted goat cheese, and candied jalapenos finished with cilantro pesto


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