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Takara Hibachi Express

Takara Hibachi Express

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About Takara Hibachi Express

Takara Hibachi Express is bringing the best of Japanese style hibachi and teriyaki under one roof and on four wheels. Let us explain. This food truck is importing tradition at every turn, grilling up a whole lot of meats and vegetables with traditional preparation methods and authentic taste, wheeling it around for the good folks of Lake Dallas to enjoy.

And enjoy it they shall. That's because Takara Hibachi Express is using only the freshest quality ingredients in a full bodied menu built to satisfy. And it's pretty easy to get fulfillment, too. Choose between hibachi or teriyaki style chicken, steak, or shrimp and they're pairing it with a bed of fried rice, vegetables, and egg rolls to start. The best part? Everything's made to order, further ensuring freshness. So why wait? Find Takara Hibachi Express for food that's hot, fresh, and wholly delicious. Trust us. Dallas has never had better Japanese food, and neither have you.

Chicken Teriyaki - chicken hot off the grill is drizzled in their homemade teriyaki glaze with all that good stuff on the side for a meal you won't soon forget


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