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Texas Pit Bros BBQ

Texas Pit Bros BBQ


About Texas Pit Bros BBQ

Texas Pit Bros BBQ is giving Dallas, TX more of what Dallas, TX needs: BBQ. It's a food truck that's sticking to Texan tradition in more ways than one, smoking all meats low and slow, and serving 'em up in bigger, better portions than you've ever had before.

We know, it's quite the claim to make. But just wait until you've tasted the stuff Texas Pit Bros BBQ has on board. Here, they're smoking those meats over hickory wood to bring out that natural, meaty flavor the all natural way. From pulled pork and chopped beef to brisket and sausage, get 'em loaded on a sammie or on a big ol' plate with homemade sides; Texas Pit Bros BBQ's got pinto beans and coleslaw. But that's not all. This food truck is serving BBQ street food style, piling that meat on tacos, frito pies and a baked potato. Mouth watering yet? We thought so. All the more reason to check out Texas Pit Bros BBQ in Dallas, or have 'em out to cater your next backyard cookout. Trust us. They're called pit masters for a reason.

The Big Filthy Frito Pie - one of the heartiest meals on the menu features a pile of fritos smothered in chopped beef, beans, chili, cheese and sour cream


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