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The Beignet Bus

The Beignet Bus

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About The Beignet Bus

Get your sweet on at The Beignet Bus, where you can savor the classic New Orleans pastry that is the beignet. This food truck serves up delicious, fresh, hot beignets plus chicory coffee and plenty of other tasty baked goods. For a little taste of The Big Easy in the Dallas, TX area, look no further.

What exactly are beignets? Pillowy deep-fried pastries served fresh and topped with powdered sugar. They’re traditionally paired with chicory coffee, a classic New Orleans brew with woody, nutty undertones. In addition to coffee, the menu sports sweet drinks like iced cream coffee and cafe au lait. And you won’t just find sweet things either. The rotating menu often serves beignets stuffed with tantalizing ingredients like ham, fish, and more. Sound delicious? Book The Beignet Bus for your next event. Guests will love it.

Beignet - You pretty much have to sample the signature dish. And, trust us, you won’t regret trying this delectable pastry.
Smoked Salmon Beignet - Fresh smoked salmon served between two puffy beignets for the sweet and savory medley of your dreams.


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