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The Fruit Bowl

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About The Fruit Bowl

The Fruit Bowl is bowling over folks in Dallas, TX, serving up bowls full of fruit so sweet, they're arguably a way to enjoy dessert, guilt free. That's because the Fruit Lady makes 'em so, offering up fresh fruit with a myriad of sweet toppings and dips to add to the sweetness. Get a bowl full of pineapples, watermelons and oranges spiced up with chili and coconut flakes, or pair sweet apples with powdered sugar and whipped cream. The possibilities are endless, as is your enjoyment. That is, if you seek out The Fruit Bowl food truck in Dallas. Do it. You won't regret it.



The Fruit BowlThe Fruit Bowl serves fresh, prepared varieties of delicious, seasonal fruits in any combination of 3 or more: peeled, slice, chopped, or whole. Fruit Bowls can be accompanied by a side of sweet dip, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, or peanut butter

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