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The Hamburger Man Catering

The Hamburger Man Catering

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About The Hamburger Man Catering

The Hamburger Man Catering brings everything straight to you, rollin’ into events across Dallas, TX with a grill in tow to whip up flawless patties and more on the spot. This hassle-free caterer sports a menu chock-full of down-home fare bound to put a smile on guests' faces, full of all things carbs, meat, and cheese. Looking for a heaping helping of comfort food? Keep your eyes peeled for a Hamburger Man cart popping up at events across Dallas, TX.

Given the name, you can of course expect all things burger here. These 100% beef patties come served straight from the grill to you plate and piled with the toppings of your choosing. However, this eponymous menu item only scratches the surface of the offerings. Fancy some Mexican eats? Go for a taco or quesadilla bar. Love barbecue? There’s an entire menu of grilled barbecue sandwiches to sample. There’s even a baked potato bar. Sound good to you? Then book with The Hamburger Man Catering for your next event. You won’t regret it.

Spicy Chicken Quesadilla - Mouth-singeing shredded chicken plus your choice of toppings served in a fresh, warm flour quesadilla.


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