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Tikiz North Fort Worth

Tikiz North Fort Worth

Ice Cream|Coffee|Frozen Treats|Shaved Ice|Vegetarian
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About Tikiz North Fort Worth

Tikiz North Fort Worth brings you big-time refreshment any time of year. That is, if you happen to be in Fort Worth, TX. If you are, lucky you, because we all know Texas can have some especially hot summer days. With a full roster of flavors you can add from the 'Surv Board' to your shaved ice of choice, the particular refreshment is all up to you, giving you controlled quenching visit after visit.

Or go another route entirely and choose from a handsome selection of nostalgic ice cream treats that'll bring out your inner child and keep it around for a while too. No matter which way you choose to go, the heat won't stand a chance. And your doldrums won't either. Hit up Tikiz North Fort Worth, and get hit right back with cool satisfaction, whenever you need it most.


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