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Tikiz of North Dallas

Tikiz of North Dallas

Frozen Treats|Shaved Ice|Vegetarian

About Tikiz of North Dallas

Feelin' the heat? Well, you should be, especially if you're in Dallas. Luckily for you, Tikiz Shaved Ice is also in Dallas, providing the most refreshing frozen treats on the streets via food truck.

At Tikiz Shaved Ice, each and every one of you is able to customize your cup o' shaved ice from their Surv-board, putting a myriad of mouthwatering flavors in front of you to mix your own fantastically fruity concoction. What could be better than that? The fact that they're able to bring their scrumptious selection of shaved ice and ice cream to your next event. Name the place, and Tikiz will wheel in the fun. No really. Either that or find 'em in Dallas to get the coolest treat around.



Rainbow Polar Pole Bar
Sour Swell Bar
Chocolate Shortcake Bar
Strawberry Shortcake Bar
Orange Cream Bar
Fudge Frenzy Bar
Vanilla Sandwich
Creamy Cotton Candy Bar
Shaved Ice

Public Schedule

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