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Trailer Cakes


About Trailer Cakes

At Trailercakes, our goal is to always serve the best tasting cupcakes you’ve ever had, while evoking nostalgic emotions of happiness and bliss. We believe that being laid back and fun can and should exist without compromising a standard of quality.

Happiness comes in many forms, and we hope to summon those emotions the moment the first bit of frosting hits the lips. That, to us, is the icing on the cake and why we like to say ‘happiness is in the frosting.



SLAP YOUR MAMA CHOCOLATEChocolate chocolate chip cake, chocolate frosting
HITCHEDWhite cakes, white frosting
RVRed velvet cake, cream cheese frosting
PEBBLES & BAM BAMWhite cake, marshmallow fluff center, white frosting, fruity pebbles
KOTTERWhite cake, chocolate frosting, tons of chocolate sprinkles
PB&JWhite cake, grapes jelly center, peanut butter fluff
HAPPY DAYSWhite rainbow sprinkled cake, white frosting, rainbow sprinkles

Public Schedule

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