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Yummy Café & Sweets


About Yummy Café & Sweets

Yummy Café & Sweets creates the perfect marriage of bitter and sweet, bringing a bounty of all things sugary and caffeinated everywhere they go. This coffee house on wheels specializes in café drinks that fall on the sweeter side of the spectrum. If you’re looking to get an energy boost alongside a sweet treat, keep your eyes peeled for this trailer rolling through Dallas, TX.

The menu sports loads of decadent cappuccinos, mochas, and lattes. There are good old-fashioned flavors like caramel and white chocolate or more unconventional blends. A Nutella frappuccino topped with a generous dollop of whipped cream? Yes, please. You’ll also find a revolving door of sweet pastries to pair with your beverage. On the subject of pastries, the folks at Yummy Café & Sweets whip up custom cakes, cookies, and more for events. So, don’t hesitate to book ‘em to cater. You’ll get a bounty of adorably decorated sweet snacks plus some sugary sweet drinks packed with caffeine. It’s a surefire way to leave your guests feeling pampered.

Nutella Blended — A thick, creamy frozen cappuccino packed with Nutella flavoring and a generous dose of caffeine. Yum.


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