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Events by BJ

Events by BJ

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About Events by BJ

The Dallas area's getting pressed, and it's getting heated. And it's enjoying every second. BJ's Panini is here, driving from Waxahachie to Buffalo and beyond with a truck full of the finest sandwiches you've ever laid teeth on.

A host of Texas-sized options, spanning applewood ham to pastrami, mesquite turkey and beyond, blanket a menu that's big on warm, cheesy, savory delights and light on dissatisfaction. Check out BJ's Panini to taste for yourself, and book the food truck to spread it beyond yourself and onto all your friends. They might get messy, but they'll still thank you for it.

Grilled Cheese - A meatless option that reps classic comfort and will leave no mouth wanting



Panini Sandwiches, Drinks and ChipsThe hottest, freshest, most delicious and unique item in the Food Truck Family.

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