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DK's Twisted Smokers BBQ

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About DK's Twisted Smokers BBQ

DK's Twisted Smokers BBQ is keeping to Texas tradition: everything is bigger and better here, including the barbecue. This food truck is focused on bringing their primo 'q to the streets, award winning using award winning techniques that have put them on top of the BBQ competition scene. And now, all of that goodness is available for you to sink your teeth into.

At DK's Twisted Smokers BBQ, they're also keeping to tried and true BBQ tradition, smoking all meats low and slow over a pit for hours to retain that smoky aroma and taste. From brisket of the chopped and sliced variety to a full rack of fall off the bone ribs, pulled pork, chicken and even turkey, get your choice in a hearty sandwich or on a platter with their homemade sides. Really, we'd be remiss not to mention 'em, as each has that hand crafted touch that completely rounds out your meaty meal, including southwest pinto beans, DK's coleslaw and Julie's potato salad. But that's not all. DK's is loading up the menu with other hearty eats, including nachos, hot dogs, corn dogs, smoked wings...what we're saying is, you've got options, and DK's Twisted Smokers BBQ delivers on all fronts. Including your next event. So why wait? Book 'em for your next backyard shindig, or find 'em cruising the streets of Southlake, Dallas and beyond. Trust us. This is one BBQ truck you don't want to miss.

DK's Brisket Sandwich - a monstrous sandwich starts with a tender bun loaded high with a full half pound of brisket to satisfy even the biggest of appetites


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