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In the native Mapuche language, Mapu means earth, and Che means people, the people of the earth. The Mapuche occupied the modern day Patagonia in Argentina, the Andes and the Southern Cone of Chile. It started there for us in the town of San Martin de los Ándes.

Our food reflects the mixing of indigenous Patagonian flavors with the better known Argentinian street food like empanadas, choripanes and milanesas and is meant to transport the recipient in space and time. This was married to the discovery that came when our chefs ventured into the kitchens of Tierra del Fuego, the Glacier Perito Moreno, Puerto Madryn, Spain, Italy, Mexico and finally to the culinary Mecca of Los Angeles and Boa Steakhouse. Along the way we picked up flavors, techniques, and street vibes and crafted a whole new way of looking at food. Our goal is to bring together the best of everything we have found in our food journey and bring it to the city that opened its arms to us.

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