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a Huesuda Tacos is a vision amongst friends to bring varying facets of their culinary heritage from Mexico to Los Angeles. Combining their ideas and flavors, they created a menu of tacos that merges traditional Mexican cuisine with a modern touch — taking the flavors from their home to you and always offering authentic & fresh products. Pablo Ricardo Vega, our visionary chef, was born in Torreon, Coahuila where he obtained his culinary degree from the University Valle de Mexico (UVM). He arrived in Los Angeles in 2012 where he worked alongside Chef Ricardo Zarate of the Picca Peruvian Cantina. In 2014 he became sous chef to Chefs Josh Drew & Thomas Mendez. Now, we invite you to be a part of our culinary journey as we share La Huesuda Tacos with our beloved neighbors and fellow Angelinos – you!

La Huesuda Tacos Schedule (next 7 days)

Tuesday, November 13
Wednesday, November 14
Thursday, November 15
Friday, November 16
Saturday, November 17
Sunday, November 18
Monday, November 19
Tuesday, November 20

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