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Passionate Veteran Paratrooper using the Small Business Administration’s Operation Boots to Business as part of the Department of Defense’s Transition Assistance Program to realize his lifelong goal of owning and operating a mobile, nearly off the grid, healthy and authentic pizza truck solution to fill the void of a pizza option among the fast growing food truck segment. Launching on September 11, 2016 in Orange County, California, Pizzami Buscemi will begin feeding throngs of hungry, troop supporting foodies. Craig Buscemi will realize this lifelong goal that started when he was a young Californian dreaming of his future. Instead of a hard structure fixed location however, Pizzami Buscemi is a concept born out of the mitigation of risk. Hard costs associated with leasing an appropriate space and hiring enough employees to effectively operate such a space are very cost prohibitive. By halving the initial investment necessary and reducing the hard reoccurring costs to a minimum, a mobile and nearly off the grid solution makes food service an exciting and enticing opportunity. Zero debt at the time of launch is the goal. Failure is not an option and most of the traditional risks associated with the restaurant business will not be allowed to threaten Pizzami Buscemi’s shot at an empire. Simply by taking my product to the streets.

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