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It all started much differently. After obtaining a BA in Finance & Accounting, I started working as an accountant for one of the most prestigious law firms in the nation. As a hobby, I cooked Paellas on a monthly basis for friends. Over the years, my mom kept bugging me with the notion of starting a Paella Business. I told her I was an accountant now, mom...not a chef! Eventually, I noticed that my Paellas were better than many I had elsewhere in SoCAL and decided to take matters into my own hand. I had to rescue my fellow people from bad or mediocre paellas." We are the only professional, fully licensed and registered Paella and Tapas Catering Business in Los Angeles. We are ranked the highest in customer satisfaction, food quality and service. Aside from private events, we dedicate our time to donating 100% of our food and services, supporting non-profits we choose and feel passionate about. Past recipients of our services where the LA Rescue Mission, the Ronald Mc Donald House, the Women Shelter for Domestic Violence and the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation, the Family Nest...just to name a few.

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