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Habibi Madness

Habibi Madness

Middle Eastern|Mediterranean
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About Habibi Madness

Mohd Sabatin grew up in the Middle East. In his culture, it’s customary to provide food for guests as a means of showing hospitality. Naturally, Mohd developed a love of food. In adulthood, he spent years working in the corporate world, but found his choice of vocation ultimately unrewarding. In the back of his mind, he always toyed with the idea of running a food truck.

After spending years perfecting recipes in his down time, Mohd did just that with Habibi Madness. Now, you can catch him rolling through La Puente, CA serving kabobs, hummus, and more to ravenous residents of The Golden State. The best part? Modh caters, so don’t hesitate to book Habibi Madness for your next event.



Beef Shawarma PlateDelicious marinated steak beef ribeye
Chicken Shawarma PlateTinder marinated chicken thighs filet
Chicken Kabab Pieces of chicken white meat marinated with Mediterranean spices
Combo Beef & Chicken ShawarmaMix of chicken shawarma & beef shawarma
Beef KoftaGround Sirloin Marinated Beef
Mediterranean Pasta Fusion Grade A rotini pasta mixed with green-pepper, black olives, carrots, corn and house sauce.. topped with your choice of meat
Beef Shawarma WrapMarinated steak beef ribeye comes with tomatoes, tahini sauce, onion salad, parsley
Chicken Shawarma wrapMarinated chicken with a creamy garlic sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles
Beef Kofta WrapGround Sirloin marinated beef comes with hummus spread, onion salad, tomatoes, pickles and lettuce
Chicken Kabab WrapPieces of marinated chicken with a creamy garlic, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles

Public Schedule

We could not find any public events for Habibi Madness.